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Canine cosmetics with the nutrients your skin needs, but without the chemicals it doesn't need.

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Promoción válida solamente para pedidos enviados a Península y Baleares.


Promoción válida solamente para pedidos enviados a Península y Baleares.

If your pet is experiencing...?


Allergies are a common problem in dogs and affect any breed and age. They can cause skin, ear, and eye problems. Producing symptoms such as itching and reddened skin.


Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that can make your pet itchy and uncomfortable. It manifests as skin lesions, with redness and thickening of the formation of scabs or peeling.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin must take special care. Puppies and senior dogs have delicate skin. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, rose and calendula provide softness at bath time.

At Kosmetikane we can help you

100% vegan products

Canine cosmetics with principles

Our products are 100% veggies and ecological because we are lovers of nature and animals, so you can enjoy them and at the same time be part of a more supportive, sustainable and better future for everyone.

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